About Me

Joel is a geologist (registered G.I.T.) specialising in the field of hydrogeology and its application in mine reclamation. He has worked extensively in cold regions and alpine environments and is currently looking into the feasbility of a seasonally frozen capillary break diversion cover system as a potential mine waste reclamation option through his Master's research.

Joel has a strong passion for photography and has had his work printed in magazines, such as Alberta Views, and purchased for use in advertising by multinational corporations. He has photographed numerous weddings, concerts and other events and was able to use his passion for photography to further his academic goals. He used a time series of georeferenced photos to investigate the snowmelt in an alpine evironment in his undergraduate honours thesis. From this, he was able to develop equations to predict the snow depth based on the aspect and elevation.


Master of Science - Civil Engineering, University of Saskatchewan, 2012-2014

  • NSERC IPS with O'Kane Consultants Inc.
  • Thesis entitled Thermal design considerations of a seasonally frozen capillary barrier diversion cover system

Bachelor of Science (Honours) - Applied and Environmental Geology, Univerisy of Calgary, 2007-2012

  • Graduated First Class Honours
  • Thesis entitled Estimating the spatial distribution of snow in an alpine watershed using oblique terrestrial photogrammetry

Honours and Awards

University of Saskatchewan

  • National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada Industrial Postgraduate Scholarship (2012-2014)
  • Saskatchewan Innovation and Opportunity Scholarship (2012-2013)
  • Russell William Haid Memorial Award (2013)
  • Department of Civil and Geological Engineering Departmental Devolved Scholarship (2013-2014)

University of Calgary

  • Jason Lang Scholarship (2009, 2011)
  • Dean's Merit Admission Awards, Faculty of Science (2007)
  • University of Calgary Admission Scholarship (2007)


  • Alexander Rutherford Scholarship (2008)


  • Steeves, J., L. Barbour, and G. Ferguson (2014). The role of forced convection in thawing a sloped frozen layer. 67th Canadian Geotechnical Conference - GeoRegina 2014. September 29-October 1. Regina, SK, Canada.
  • Steeves, J., L. Barbour, and G. Ferguson (2014). Water flow and heat transfer in a frozen soil. Cold Covers Practice 2014. April 7-9. Whistler, BC, Canada.
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